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Envirokerb Is Again Used To Relieve The Pressure

PDS have supplied Carillion with over 2 kilometers of Envirokerb for the Combined Kerb Drainage (CKD) and also Envirobridge for the Bridge Drainage units (BDU) on two structures, Fishpool and Priory Fields Bridges, on this project over the last 2 years.

Northern Inner 1

Our sister company USL Bridgecare were also asked to install the Bridge Expansion Joints when the original contractor couldn't fulfil their contract due to the complex nature of the joints being beyond their capabilities.

Northern Inner 3

Envirokerb and Envirobridge were used as they give a seamless aesthetic between the Bridge Drainage Unit   (BDU) and Combined Kerb Drainage (CKD)


Northern Inner 2

PDS and USL again showing we have the complete solution for waterproofing, draining and maintaining Britains structures.

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