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PDS Supply Envirodeck To Belgium's Largest Highway Project

The "Via Brudgge consortium, consisting of Jan DE NUL, Van LAERE, ASWEBO, ACLAGRO, Franki Construct and DG Infra+, has been appointed by Via-Invest, a strategic partnership between the Flemish Investment company PMV and the Roads and Traffic (AWW), as the preferred bidder for the A11 Bruges project.

 A11 Bruges 2

Above image of the A11 Bruges project

"Via Brugge" has commissioned Pipeline & Drainage Systems (PDS) to supply 6km of bridge drainage to the project. Envirodeck consists of a combination of innovative design and a composite non-metalic material which is lighter and stronger than traditional systems. Envirodeck shares the benefits common to other products in the range in terms of strength, durability, apperance and finish. In addition the following benefits are specific to bridge drainage.

- Reduced bridge load (lightweight)

- Anti-slip surface

- Superior apperance

- Quality assured

The Project In Detail...

The A11 Bruges project is one of six 'missing links' in the Flemish motorway network, and the largest DBFM road project to date in Flanders. It concerns the build of the main interconnection A11 between the regional roads N49 (the Natiënlaan, off residential area Westkapelle in Knokke-Heist) and N31 (off Blauwe Toren in Bruges).

A11 Bruges

A11 Bruges is set to become the most important interconnection by road between ports.

In the Flanders Spatial Structure Plan, the A11 has been selected as main road and is described as the most important interconnection by road between ports. Moreover, the A11 is part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The A11 will as such also create a smooth connection between the port of Zeebrugge and the hinterland.

At this moment, the connection between the port of Zeebrugge and the hinterland is over regional roads that are less suitable for processing a large flow of freight. The new motorway section will also better unlock the east coast.

The 12 km long route has a southwest-northeast orientation and will connect to the underlying road network through three nodes. In the southwest, the A11 will connect with the N31 (direction Bruges and Zeebrugge). The existing connection with the Blankenbergsesteenweg will be modified. In the northeast, a connection with the Natiënlaan will improve access to Zeebrugge port from the N49. Approximately half way the A11, an intersection will be built in order to unlock the eastern part of the port. Where the A11 crosses the Boudewijn canal, a new (double) movable bridge is planned, assuring that sea ships maintain access to the rear port.

The realisation of the highway is of great value for the economical growth of the entire region of Bruges, the port of Zeebrugge and the east coast. Not only the realization of a improved connection for car - and lorry traffic is at stake. This project also gives ample attention to separating the port from the local traffic and in doing so, improving road safety and quality of life.

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