Are stolen grates pouring your budgets down the drain?

Thieves steal Stourport iron grates worth £18k

Worcestershire County Council is asking residents to be vigilant as this type of dangerous incident is once again on the increase at a time when metal prices are on the rise. Source: Kidderminster Shuttle, May 2011

Gully grate thefts costing Trafford Council thousands

Since September more than 200 grid covers have been stolen from locations across Trafford,which has cost Trafford Council £40,000 to replace.
Source: Messenger, Feb 2011

21 metal drainage grates stolen in Selby

Uncovered drains present a hazard that potentially affects adults and children getting around their neighbourhoods by bike, on foot and by car.
Source: Selby & Tadcaster Press, Aug 2011

The 'grate' Colne scrap metal theft hunt

An investigation has been ordered into a number of thefts of grid covers, after reports that one woman suffered an ankle injury after fallling into a hole left by a missing grate.
Source: Burnley Citizen, Nov 2010

As the above news stories show, the number of thefts of scrap metal continues to cause problems for councils across the UK, causing tens of thousand of pounds in replacement and installation costs.

It may take several weeks for missing grates to be replaced, during which the exposed drainage can pose a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. And of course any newly installed metal grates are at just as much risk of being stolen by the same thieves.

That's where Envirograte can help

Reduced risk of theft

Envirograte is a made from a unique 100% composite recycled material that has no resale value, so there is no danger of theft. The grate can be sealed in with silicon sealant to further prevent theft or vandalism if required. Fewer thefts mean lower costs for you and less risk for pedestrians and drivers on your roads.


Envirograte is made from a composite material which is considerably lighter than traditional concrete or metal materials. The weight falls within the limit for one-man handling.


The gratings are designed to take the weight of heavy goods vehicles and are suitable for use on all roads including those subject to heavy traffic.

Easy to Install

Envirograte is available in a range of sizes - and unlike metal grates there's no need to get an exact match for the manhole opening. Envirograte can be quickly and easily cut to size so it can be taken to site and fitted on location, with no need to replace existing frames. PDS can even manufacture bespoke units to your exact specification. Installation Instructions

It takes less than ten minutes to install Envirograte. Find out how...
this has helped to reduce the carbon footprint of not only PDS but also the producer of the waste plastic, transport companies and you the final user of Envirochambers.

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