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Environmentally Friendly To Ecologically Friendly...Meet Lizard Kerb!

Interserve were the main contractor for the new Energy From Waste site in Derby. They had a very specific problem on site that came in the form of the Common Lizard. They couldn’t use standard Envirokerb as the openings would be a hazard for the creature. They approached PDS and asked what we could do?

We used an Envirokerb blind unit and had the equivalent amount of surface inlets CNC’d into the front face, but using a slot only 10mmm wide. This is deemed narrow enough to keep the Lizards out, but will allow the Envirokerb unit to still do the job it’s designed for.



This shows the ability of PDS to fabricate products for bespoke requirements that simply cannot be done with concrete or polymer concrete products.


In this instance it has been used to keep a small amphibian out of trouble, but it’s applications could be varied. Possibilities could be areas where littering from cigarette ends is a major problem, outside train and bus stations for instance. The slots would greatly reduce the amount of debris getting into the drainage system or dropping down into it if a channel system had been used.


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