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PDS Provides Combined Kerb & Drainage Solution At Ewood Gyratory

This project is a good example of a busy and heavy trafficked urban route where the CKD has to work within a tough environment. Draining continually along the kerb-line is generally the safest, simplest and most cost effective solution to road drainage. Project-life can be extended as rainwater is taken from surfaces quickly, compounding within the channel body to outlet. However, for a successful system in this type of environment, integration is key. In following our installation guidelines, a robust and fully integrated system of durface drainage can be realised.

For this project there were a number of challenges;

1 – High volume, high speed & heavy traffic prevalent across all junctions as you would expect on a main bus/through-traffic route.


Our installation guidance is clear and precise. Our standard detail with a strong concrete backing brought to 25mm from the top of the unit ensures a robust construction.

As there is going to be impact from all types of road vehciles it is also important to ensure the pavement backing is well compacted up to the edge of the unit.


This is the same for drops and crossings for consistent integration.

It is also important to assess the risk and frequency of impact, which is inevitably greater at external junctions and narrow road alignments. Again in these instances consistent integration/good installation is key to longevity.

Roundabouts especially need to be risk assessed and often a full height backing should be installed particularly when the road alignment narrows and/or where corner-cutting is likely.

 For extreme situations a reinforced detail can be considered.

A44 - Low Island subject to dynamic impacts & Industrial Infrastructure, armoured detail


With over 3000 units installed, the project is working well. The function of surface drainage working as an integral part of the overall designed infrastructure has been achieved.

If you require more information on other projects supplied or would value input on a specific scheme you are working on then please speak to our team and we will be happy to help.



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